This is where I grew up.
Palm Springs North in Miami.
I tried to figure out how to add an arrow to show you my exact house but was unsuccessful.
It was a small world.

Just a mile square.
I loved my childhood.
So simple and safe.

The house rule was to be home by dark.
Summers were spent walking these streets.
We found coke bottles to get some change 
to get ourselves an Icee or candy from Paks.

I knew someone on almost every block.
Life seemed so simple.
I guess that's childhood.

We had the Everglades surrounding
most of our community.
We ran through them Glades and never worried
about snakes and alligators and whatever else lurked nearby.
God protected us.

I know this is random but,
I ran across a cute website named Awkward Family Photos.
If you need a smile,
you may want to check it out.
This one just makes me happy.

Go Gramps!


  1. I am a visitor to your blogs. I am a Grandmother of 6 but now they are teens and one G child is 21.

    Your pictures are lovely.

    1. Thank you Carolann for your nice comments. It's nice to meet a fellow-grandmother. It is one of my favorite joys in life. I will have to check out your blog. Thanks again