Home Again, Home Again

Jiggety jog, it's good to be home.
I was away from my memory foam mattress 
for way too long.
Three weeks to be exact.

I am still in recovery mode
but I'm doing better.

I returned to find temperatures in the teens.

I missed the "peak" of the leaves but it is still stunning.
This tree is in my front yard.

 The leaves have just begun to fall.

Where did this year go?
I barely remember the summer.

Some sad news in Wendy's World...
I have entered the beautiful stage of life where I need more than my drugstore reading glasses.
I visited the eye doctor a few weeks ago 
and ordered a pair of glasses.

I was anxious to get them and see if they made a difference.

I am embarrassed to admit that my house is filthy.
I've been living in a fools paradise.

I had no idea.

I spent all day yesterday cleaning my counters 
and dusting everything.
The corners of my floors were awful.

I now understand why senior adults houses are sometimes yucky.
They can't see them!

Maybe impaired vision is God's gift to the elderly?
Just wondering.

Oh well,
I plan to keep these things on my face to adjust to them.
Mark has been wearing glasses since he was a young boy so I will be thankful for all the years I didn't need them.

Two weeks until Thanksgiving!
It's going to be here before you know it.

I have so much to be thankful for.

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