Sweet Life

Happy Monday everyone!
I recently dropped my camera bag.
My main lens that I always use broke.

Mark & I had no success as we spent hours 
this weekend trying to find a place to fix it.
Finally, as we were turning home,
we saw a pawn shop 
and decided to go ask them if they had any advice.
They actually had a lens that fit my camera.
I have never been in a pawn shop before 
but they have some bargains.
I'm happy that I once again can use my camera.
We then came home and Mark tinkered with my original and he popped it back into place.
Now I have an extra.
All that to say...
if you need a lens,
it may be beneficial to check out your local pawn shop.

Imagine how my heart leaped when the mailman 
handed me a big package this weekend.
Kim sent me a surprise for no reason at all! 
She is the sweetest friend!

 This ornament quickly found a home on my tree.
 Thank you my sweet friend.

Another highlight of my weekend...
Saturday morning,
Danielle texted me this picture.

Eli and Kacey woke up before Mommy & Daddy.
They fixed their own breakfast and were doing their devotions.
That just warms my soul.

She also shared a few from this weeks horse show. 

This one of Abigail watching the Gators.
She is 3!

I love the time they spend at the horse shows.
The kids have so much fun playing.

It's easy to see who is the leader in this group. 
Oh how I adore these girls.

I hope your day is wonderful. 
I am on a mission to buy "the turkey."

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