It's Tradition

I realize that we just had Halloween and Thanksgiving 
is weeks away.
I see all the "hate comments" that people post on Facebook 
for the shops and commercials that are 
throwing Christmas down our throats.
Every time people make negative posts about it, 
I want to reply that I'm one of "those" people 
who love shopping on Thanksgiving night. 
Why can't people just love me for who I am!!

I guess Facebook is a tool for everyone to air out their opinions.
Yada, yada.

All that to say that I have already decorated 
Mom's house for Christmas. 
I do it every year for her birthday present.
Since her birthday is at the beginning of November, 
that is exactly what she gets.
She loves Christmas.
It's genetic because it's my favorite time of the year too.

I always begin with the tree and everything 
seems to fall in line from there.
 I am trying to talk Mom into some 
red and white curtains 
that we saw to pull it all together.

This year, Santa chose this spot next to the tree as his home.
Who's to argue with the big guy.

This is the corner of the living room where the fireplace 
used to dwell. 
I always love to see how it will develop. 
I think we have 5 or 6 trees with lights.
Mom got this caroler set from JC Penneys a few years ago.
The corner turned out to be a winter-wonderland.
For a Floridian, it helps get into the spirit to have some snow, even if it is 85 degrees out the front door.

Here is the chandelier in the dining room.
I start with some green garland and just keep adding 
whatever I think will look right.
 Here is the top of her china cabinet.

I continued with the same ribbon and twigs and poinsettias 
that were used in the other decor.

That's all the pictures that I took.
We do wait until after Thanksgiving to do the outside.:)
We have some respect for ourselves. Ha

I have gotten lazy with carrying my camera when I fly.
I always regret it but the iPhone is so easy.

I will put it on my NY resolutions to be better at it.
I don't do resolutions.
I will try and be better.

On a more personal note,
Kristen started her new job yesterday.
I am enjoying finding things to do in San Antonio
while I wait for Mark to show up 
this weekend.

The internet doesn't get installed until tomorrow.
On the corner of her apartment building is a Starbucks.
Thank goodness!
I love being able to catch up with all the blogs I follow.
It's interesting how you care for these people 
who don't know you exist.
I would attend their children's weddings if I got an invite.
You really grow to know and care for them.
I can see my son
holding a big "L" on his forehead right now.

Happy Fall
Merry Christmas


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