Family Time at MiMi's (part one)

They came!
D & D flew in last week.
They left early in the morning and didn't tell the kids where they were going.
I couldn't wait.
The kids had no idea.

What a wonderful week.
So much to tell you.
I found out a couple months ago that my kids/grandkids would be spending the first week of July with me.
Those of you who know me, know I get WAY too excited.
I plan. I shop. I collect. I make lists. I shop some more.
Anyhoo, I found lots of toys at garage sales that I knew the kids would love.

I decorated everything with red, white & blue.
Like any good MiMi,
I made sure we had plenty of fun snacks.
That cake!
Red velvet & cream cheese icing. 
To die for!

Mark & I had a game plan for pretty much the whole week.
We made reservations to spend one night at the 
Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City.
It is a hotel designed with one thing in mind.

The main attraction is the water park.
They have several slides to impress all ages.

Dani & Abigail were content to stay in the kiddie pool.

Eli & Kacey braved to the more daring slides 
where my camera could not venture.

They worked their way through this balancing task
and became quite good at it.

Pool basketball with Pops.

Abi found pleasure in everything.
She thrilled my soul all week.

The hotel offers so much for a family.
The girls got pampered in a salon,
walking away smelling pretty and wearing a princess sash & a crown.
They have the Harry Potter game 
throughout the whole hotel.
Eli had a magic wand 
to guide him through the game.
He & Pops played that game well past our bed times.

Next to the hotel is plenty of shopping including
the Nebraska Furniture Mart and Cabella's.
I was excited to be able to share 
my stomping grounds with them.

That's the end of day 1.
I will close with some random pictures 
that I found on my phone.
Kacey loves to take pictures.
Ha! There were about 25 pictures of the Pop Rocks and an equal amount of pictures of herself.
I love my girl!

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  1. Awww..sweet post Wendy! So happy you guys had a great time. Cute kids!