Park Hopping

As I windex the last of the precious handprints and vacuum the Pez candies out of my car,
I'm reminded of the memories 
that were made in our home last week.

We have lots of neighborhood parks in our area. 
Too many to explore in just a few day.
Each of them offer different aspects. 
Whether by the river or offering a glider to fly on, 
they were all fun to play in.
Whenever we had a free minute,
we'd jump in the car and go "park-hopping."
I think it's one of the favorite things we did all week 
and it was free. 
That's usually the case, isn't it.
Babies always enjoy the box more than the present.

The winds were ideal for Elijah to fly his kite.

 Question of the day...
why did they build this lake around the silo?
Not sure but it makes a good photo op.
When I moved to KC,
I found out we had an American Girl store.
I couldn't wait to take the girls there.
The day finally arrived.
I love that they had to sign their names 
to pick up their girls.

Daddy is holding Sally and Hallie 
while the girls try on their clothes.

Does it need to be mentioned that we did some shopping 
during the week?
I didn't think so.

Elijah loved the Lego store.

"MiMi, I need all these shoes."

When we moved away two years ago,
my heart was broken to think that we would lose the bond that we shared since the day they were born.

It has been difficult but you do what you have to do.
I know God is in control and has a reason for it.

One of the sweetest moments during the week 
occurred toward the end. 
I was in the backseat of the car giggling 
and talking when 2 year old Abi 
adamantly says, "MiMi, I wike you." 
I said "what?"
She says, "I wike you, I wike you, I wuv you."

It did my heart good.

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