A New Vacation Location

Ocean City, New Jersey
That's where I've been for the week.
It's my first time to visit this area 
& not my last (I hope).

As we drove onto the island the first thing I noticed was all the charming homes.

Each home has it's own individuality. 

This is the my favorite street. 
It leads to this...

The weather was overcast all week
but it didn't bother me.
I was happy to just be here.

I want one of these please.

A few things not like I'm used to...
1. The beach sand isn't as white as Florida.
2. The water is colder. 
(guess I should have assumed that)
3. The birds have more feathers.
(yes, I find that interesting)
4. surfers wear wetsuits
5. the people are so friendly

They have an amazing boardwalk with an amusement park, lots of options to shop and so many restaurants to choose from.

It's been a divine week.
I fell off my back porch last week and have been struggling with some aches.
I did a little walking this week but not much.
I  was able to do little shopping, because, well, 
it must be done
 but mostly enjoyed the porch of our B&B with a book.

Ocean City is a neat place.
Hopefully Mark will have to work here 
often so I can accompany him. 
(I really just want to be a good wife)

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