Happy Birthday To Danielle!

I began praying for her before she was born,
Someone special to love my son.

They began dating in high school.
She loved the Lord and could play football (tackle).
He was smitten.

What a gift she is to our family.

Some things you need to know about Danielle...
She is impressive on a horse.

She is excellent school teacher who loves her job 
and her students.

She loves to decorate and craft 
which is one of the reasons we fit like a glove.
She cares about people and doesn't gossip.
I love people who refrain from talking about others.
It means they aren't talking about you 
when you're not around.

I couldn't have chose a better girl for my boy.
She fits in our family perfectly.

Happy Birthday you perfect girl!
I adore you.

(I didn't think I had to mention that she gave me 4 little people who melt my heart & soul and are in my thoughts 23 hours of any given day)

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