Have you ever been to Las Vegas?
I've never had a big interest in going but when my SIL said her company was sending her
 for a conference and asked if I wanted to join,
I was all-in!

We stayed in The Palazzo.
It was so plush.
Three TV's!

Yes, the bathroom with glassed shower, jacuzzi tub, vanity, double marbled sinks & a separate water closet also had a TV.

I chose not to carry my camera so my pics 
are from my phone or google images.

There were more pools than I needed.

Do you know what 104 degrees feels like?
I had to constantly jump in the pool.
I'm not a fan of that kind of hot.

We packed in as many things possible during our week.
I enjoyed walking through the different hotels & casinos and seeing the artistic detail throughout.

These displays are totally covered in flowers. 
The pics do not describe how large they are.
This was in the Wynn Hotel.
It was stunning.
My favorite hotel was Ceasar's Palace.
I love all the Roman statues and the grander of the hotel.

How did they accomplish curved escalators?

The famous water feature at the Bellagio 
thrilled me. I watched it several times.
I videoed it once but you need to see it in person 
to get the full effect. 
The street noise hushes when the fountain begins and background music begins to hum in the scattered speakers.
It's so moving.
I almost cried.

The famous Dale Chihuly is known for some incredible glass displays in the Bellagio. 
The balloons below are blown glass and were seen throughout.

 This ceiling below is an impressive display of his glasswork. 

 The New Yorker in Vegas reminded me 
that I was still in America 
(which was questionable at moments).
 You can see the roller coaster that weaves through the hotel.

We went to the Laugh Factory one night.
The highlight of my week was going to see 
Celine Dion.
She does an amazing concert.
I almost cried.

The best part of the trip was being able 
to spend some quality time with Delores.
We talked into the wee hours of the night
we laughed till we cried
 and we agree with each other
that some things do need to stay in Vegas.
We did agree on that, didn't we Delo!? 

Hope you are having a great week!
Any big plans for the 4th?
My kids are coming!

Oh by the way,
I was talking to Whoopie and she sends her regards. 

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