Fun In Florida

I had to come home to get some rest 
from my two jam-packed weeks in Florida.

I had the privilege of keeping the kids
while Danielle finished up her school year.
I now have the Shark Tale movie memorized. 

 Good times!

We enjoyed lots of backyard fun.
From flying kites,
riding 4-wheelers,
& swinging for hours.

Dani has just figured out the art of swinging.
She has the sweetest personality and is so persistent.
She says, "If you move your legs back and forth,
you'll go higher.
& if you lightly touch your feet to the ground,
 you will stop."
Oh how I enjoyed how pleased she was to learn this art.

We went to the beach 
on what had to be the most perfect day ever.
(unless you are a surfer)

The water was so clear.
We found starfish.

Each day was filled with go, go, go.
Eli turned 6 and celebrated with a Lego Party.
That's a blog for another day.

We celebrated my mother-in-laws birthday.

Mark & I played cards almost every night with my parents.
I can't tell you how much fun we had.
Between being a little delirious from lack of sleep and playing till the wee hours,
We laughed till we cried.

We did some home projects for different family members because that is truly what thrills us.

We spent a day floating down Ichetucknee Springs.
Have you been there?
You need to go.
Freezing clear water to lazily float down for hours.

The time flew by so quickly and I had to board the plane to come home.

I am overwhelmed how blessed I am.
I truly believe that God delights in blessing Wendy.

I flew home first class on that Delta jet
because I got bumped up because the
"Powers That Be" love me.
I looked out that window at this great big world
and was thankful.

Thankful that He knows my name.
Thankful that He cares for me.
Thankful that He sent His Son.

Overwhelmingly blessed!

I hope you are having a wonderful day
& I truly hope you know my sweet Jesus.
He loves You dearly.   

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