My sweet father, Pinky.
My dad knows no strangers.
He introduces himself to everyone.
I remember when he moved into their present home,
watching him rush to the road to introduce himself to the garbage collector.
He is always looking for someone to talk to.
Mom says that's the only reason he goes yard-saling with her,
so he can talk to people.
He is a great guy!

My dad is always there for me.
He is a jack-of-all trades.
That turns out to be in my favor
because I always have ideas scheming in my head.
Anything to do with anything,
he can do it.
Any time I call...
he comes running.

Thank you dad for loving me.
Thank you for loving Christ.
Your faith amazes me.

Meet Sam.
This is has been my father-in-law for over 30 years.
He is a retired Baptist preacher.
He is the best example of a pastor ever.
He truly loves the people in his congregation of 33 years.

He has taught me to love unconditionally.
This is my hearts desire...
to love everyone.

He truly loves me and I know 
this because he tells me all the time.

Pinky & Mark

Another dad in my life that I know quite well is my husband.
I really got to witness him being a father to our 3 kids.
I have seen him play on slip-n-slides.
He coached them in Little League for too many years.
He laughed with them.
He apologized to them.
He prayed for them.
He led them to Christ.
He is blessed with wisdom.

I love you honey for how you loved our kids
& now our grandkids. 

Another amazing dad in my life is my son Daniel.

I am beyond proud of you!
I love how you play with your kids.
How you read with them.
How they all can sleep in your bed with you.
How patient you are for another night of chicken nuggets.
How hard you work.
I love seeing the pride in your eyes when you look at them.
I love how when I compliment one of the kids,
you always compliment the others.
You have always been that way.
On the play ground
in 1st Grade
You made sure all was fair.
You were big enough to make that happen too.

I love that you have made God the priority in your home.
I couldn't be any prouder.

As you see,
I've been surrounded by a legacy of great men.
What a privilege.

My favorite Father of all is my Abba.
He truly is always there for me.
He is the one who blessed me with earthly fathers.

Thank you Lord!

Happy Father's Day

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