It's Good To Be Home

Kansas, Florida, Minnesota, Vegas.
That's where I've been in the last few weeks.

I do love to travel.

Mark's job took him to Minnesota and seeing as I've never been further than the airport,
I was happy to accompany him.

We stayed in a nice hotel in downtown Minneapolis.
I fell in love.
I could move there tomorrow.
Of course, it's summer and it's possible I would change my mind after one winter.

a long time ago
I mean over 30 years ago
I had a highschool P.E. teacher.
This was back in the day when P.E.
was a real class.
We stood in squads and did
jump-n-jacks and all sorts of different exercises.
We wore uniforms that were ugly.
I'm getting side tracked,
stay with me.
My coach, Miss Schmidt & I became friends.
Well, life happened and I went to college,
got married, moved away, had a family 
& I lost touch with Miss Schmidt.
about a year ago
via Face Book
I found my long lost friend.

Are you wondering where the heck this is going?

I'm getting there.
Guess where Miss Schmidt lives!?
She goes by Joan now.

Yes! She lives in Minneapolis.
She is married and has her own family.

Can you imagine the reunion we had when we met for dinner?
It's like we didn't miss a beat.
I enjoyed the whole week reconnecting with my dear friend.
(insert happy scream)

It was wonderful to share a week
catching up and seeing where life had taken her.
She has a wonderful family.
She works with the Salvation Army.
I love that she gets to be a part of such a great company.
I had no idea what all the Salvation Army 
provided for the needy.

We spent one day seeing the charming area she is from.

We were sitting on the patio having lunch and she says,
"across that river is Wisconsin."

I made her drive over there so I could say I'd been in Wisconsin (say it with me - "Visconsin").

I also spent a day in the city by myself.
I rented a bike and drove around exploring downtown Minneapolis.

I had no idea what I'd find.
I knew they are known for lakes.
What I wasn't aware of is the fact that the Mississippi River runs right through the city.
Shouldn't the Mississippi be in Mississippi?
I don't believe I was in school the day that was taught.
As I was crossing over a bridge,
I looked down and my heart stopped when I saw the dam.

I had no idea. 
It was amazing.
I rode my rental bike all over downtown 
and took more pictures than my iPhone could handle.

How would you like to live on a houseboat?

It was a wonderful week.
Memories were made that I will always treasure.

A piece of trivia for you...
Did you know there is a Mary Tyler Moore 
statue in downtown Minneapolis? 
Did you know the show was filmed there?

You probably knew.

I've yacked enough in your ears. 
I will tell you all about Vegas in one of my upcoming posts.

It's good to be home!
I need some rest.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I'm impressed and a little jealous ;-) I couldn't imagine renting a bike in a strange town and site seeing alone ... You go girl! Love the photos and how fun to meet up with your friend! Welcome home! Blogland missed you!
    Looking forward to Vegas :-)