Elijah turned 6 and we celebrated with a Lego Party.

The day was sweltering but it didn't matter
to these kids.
Bins & bins with every kind of Lego imaginable. 

There were several fun games.
This was a relay and the kids had to run down and sit on the balloon.
Once the balloon popped,
they had to find the lego and drop it in the bucket and run back to where you started & tag the next person in line.
This is the Lego relay which is similar to the famous egg race.

The kids house is perfect for parties because they
have every swing, slide, toy imaginable.

Aunt KK is the best.
Look at her playing "house" with Abi.

Time to blow out those 6 candles!

Cousin Brinleigh. 

Kristen is filling up the cups with popcorn. 


The birthday boy with mommy & daddy.

I am so proud of Elijah.
It seems like yesterday when he rocked my world as he made his appearance. 
He is always happy and loves to laugh. 
(gets that from me)
He is above average intelligent.
(gets that from Pops)
OK, so maybe he gets it from his own parents 
but I'm taking the credit.
He loves to read, ride horses, swim & above all,
I would say he loves to be around people.

You don't have to go through all these pictures but I wanted to document some of my faves that I've taken through the years. 

Eli & Dani.


Going to Preschool. 

 Swim team.

Grass angel.
It's what we do in Florida.

 He loves wearing my reading glasses.

Welcome to the Big 6 Elijah!

If you stayed with me this long,
I'm guessing you are family.

Is he gorgeous or what!?

I tell ya,
I love this kid!

OK, 1 more.

The End.

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