Memorial Day

Lawn chairs, coolers, umbrellas, sand pales & shovels.
Got the picture?
We were ready for a fun day at the beach!
We arrived early with hopes of golden tans by noon.
Mother nature had other plans.
The sky turned black the life guards blew their horns to say "thunder & lightning was too close!"
Not to worry,
we headed back to the home front and jumped in the pool.
30 minutes from the beach and it was sunny and beautiful.
That's Florida for ya.

To celebrate Memorial Day,
we were invited for an afternoon BBQ with Theresa & Gary.

Cooking is one of Theresa's many talents.
The pork roasted on the rotisserie for 5 hours 
 was melt-in-your-mouth delicious! 

Save room for dessert!

Gary & his mom discussing the good 'ole days 
with my parents who are sitting across from them.

I've been wanting to share some pictures of
Theresa's gorgeous home.

TK comes up with a vision 
and her husband can make it happen.
Between the two of them,
they have created some gorgeous homes.
This one in south Georgia is my favorite.

I love the large foyer.

Had to show you it with the lights on.

Formal living room.
I have a thing for yellow.
Did you know that?
Well it's true.
My wedding was yellow.
Just thought you needed to know where I stand with yellow.

Dining Room.
I am loving those built-in's.

Here is the Family Room.
That is an 80" TV on the wall!
I guess Gary has bragging rights.

Screened in pool, hot tub and a pool house which also serves as a guest house.

All proper southern homes require plenty of roses 
and if you are close enough to Florida,
a few palm trees are preferred.

Theresa grew up on Long Island
but as you can see,
has adapted well to southern living.
The reason we have been bf's for so long is because her NY upbringing can handle my sometimes brutal & blatant opinions.
We don't quite have that southern tact quite down pat.
Gardens and cooking, yes.
Two out of 3 is ok, isn't it?

Thanks for a most wonderful day my dear friend!

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