How Can It Be?

It doesn't seem possible that this school year 
has come to an end.

This is Eli on his first day of school.
It was my job to get a good first day of school picture.
I will do better next year.

The picture above is from his last week of kindergarten.
He is older and smarter. 

Eli won a variety of awards this year.
Each grade period resulted in 
AR Award, A-Honor Roll, and others.

He is so smart.

All he really wanted was the PE Award.
The coach could only present it to one boy per class.
I asked him what was required to receive such a prestigious award and he said,
"you have to listen to the coach and do what he says."
Such stress in kindergarten!

On the final grade period,
his name was called.
Yeah Elijah!!

I'm headed to Florida this weekend.
I can't wait to congratulate him in person.
I can't wait to hug him.

It's party time!

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  1. He is adorable Wendy!!! I love his name too.
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    Thanks friend,