Pure Joy

Can I just go ahead and get it out?
I don't enjoy all the mushy Mother's Day 
sentiments that well meaning people saturate 
every social network out there with.

It's so cheesy.
Oh! & I have the worse time in the Hallmark aisle 
reading all those silly cards.

Can't we just use the same card every year?
If the card was good last year
can't we use it again?

Now that I got that out of my system...

Happy Mother's Day!
Aren't they just lovely!?

My Mother's Day began early.
I received different Shutterfly gifts all week.
D&D sent family pictures and gifts each day.
Oh the thrill when that UPS man tooted his horn every day!

My very own mother mailed me a huge package 
filled with amazing presents.
An old rolling pin I adore.
Did I tell you that I collect rolling pins?
A huge box of Starbucks Keurig coffee.
A mirrored jewelry box to adorn my new bedroom scheme.
Makeup & jewelry.
She just knows me.
We shall talk about her some more in a minute.

The BIG surprise came Saturday morning.
Mark had to run and "errand" 
and did he return home with my daughter?!

She flew all the way from Florida!!
She surprised me and is spending a few days with me.
Nothing could thrill me more.
My heart is full.
Oh how I love my girl.

To my beautiful Danielle,
I am so proud of you and the wonderful mother that you are.
You surprise me every day with the wisdom you bestow in raising those precious kids.
I couldn't choose a better DIL.

Happy Mothers Day to my Mother-in-law.
I am blessed beyond measure and treasure 
your friendship and our relationship.

To my sweet mother,

I am so thankful for you. 
I wanted to make you a video blog 
to let you know
what an amazing mom you are 
and how much I truly love you.

(Click once on the arrow Mom)

To all you moms,
Happy Mother's Day!

(could that be any cheesier?)

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