Little League

Elijah, Kacey & Dani Mae 
are on the Mud Cats.

The score isn't kept but if you ask
Elijah following the game,
I'm sure he can let you know.

Dani is getting ready to hit one out of the park.
Go Dani!
I asked her after the game if she was digging a hole in the outfield and she showed me how if you keep kicking in the dirt
a hole will appear.
That's my girl!

Elijah has mad skills.
Technically, they don't have "outs" but 
he knows when he tags that bag that kid is out whether or not
they let him stay on the base.

He earned the "game ball."

Kacey is hitting great.
She runs fast.
Mark it down,
She is a future All-Star!

The best part of the whole game 
is whatever the team mom 
has planned following the game. 

The real entertainment 
comes from this life of the party.
Oh Abi...
I do love you!

Seems like yesterday
I was hanging out with my kids at the ball park.
Where did the time go?

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