It's Whats For Dinner

What the crud?!
We are going through one of those stages in life 
where everything seems to be breaking.
My Whirlpool refrigerator that I purchased barely 7 months ago just decided to quit cooling.

Our internet wasn't working but the nice looking Surewest man came out and fixed it. 
Did I say nice looking? I mean the nice young man.

The air conditioner isn't cooling. 
Luckily, we rent so it's the landlords responsibility.
That doesn't make sleeping 
in the 78 degree bedroom any easier.

The garage door won't go up. Once again... landlord.
I might add that he seems to be a very busy person 
and hard to get a hold of.

Then, our duplex in Florida that we have rented out has an air conditioner which is 30 years old and needs to be replaced. 
We are very blessed that it has lasted this long.

I feel much better now that I have vented to you.
I know, there there now.

On to more important matters at hand.
I saw a recipe on Pinterest 
which looked killer.
It involves onion rings which are baked.
I didn't think it was possible 
but I tried them and they are really good. 
Mark even liked them.
Of course, he likes anything I make.
I think he is just happy that I cook.
I do love the man.

I could go a step-by-step & show you how I did it but wouldn't it just make much better sense to supply you with the link.

I tend to be a "just the facts" kinda girl & would probably leave out some important detail.

I think the key is to soak the sliced onions 
in buttermilk overnight. 
They were so tender and sweet.

I only did one very large onion 
and it was more than enough for us.
They turned out crunchy.

I (Josh) also grilled out some mahi tuna steaks.
I made cheese grits which 
out of the whole dinner was my favorite. 

You never know about the recipes that you find on Pinterest so I thought you'd like to know that if you are in the mood for onion rings, this is a good option to deep frying.
Sally's pictures are much better because I think she is a professional food blogger 
and I'm just a person who needs to talk.

Gotta run.
The Whirlpool man just drove up.
Oy-vey! He's dorky.

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