Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo to you!

I was raised in Miami and grew up 
thinking Cinco De Mayo 
was all about Cuban food and partying.

Moving to New Mexico last year 
educated me that it is actually a Mexican holiday.
I'm ready to celebrate any holiday. 
If a party is involved, 
count me in.
Yes, I am Irish in March.

In honor 
of the occasion...
I slow cooked 
a pork roast that was bathed in
Mojo Criollo.
If you haven't tried it,
I highly recommend it.
All I do is spice my meat with salt, pepper & garlic and then dump half the bottle of Mojo on top.
Crock it all day long.
Then just before you are ready,
pull apart your pork.
We like to eat ours on a hoagie style roll.

You will want to slap your momma
it's so good.
(Maybe not this week)

I also made some Mexican rice and refried beans.
My photo looked like Ken-L ration 
so I decided to spare you. 
It was good.

For dessert,
I made a pound cake.

You know what goes good with pound cake,
don't you?!

And! If that weren't enough sugar and deliciousness,
I mixed up some Piña Colada's & frozen daiquiris.

I guess that 9 mile bike ride I did this morning
counts for nothing after all this.

Oh well,
I love you all my Cuban-Mexican-Hispanic friends!

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