Family Fun

 We had a wonderful few days with our daughter.

 Cramming everything we could into a short amount of time.

We played a card game called Hand & Foot.
Have you played it?
It's a family fave.
It's best played with 4 people and 6 decks of cards.
I think you'd like it.

Our area has nice bike trails so I showed her where I bike.

Of course, we did some shopping.
Macy's had some good sales so we had much fun.

We did a 5000 piece puzzle.
You open a puzzle around my husband 
and he is going to finish it in record time.
We are used to the wee hours of the morning
complaining of back pain but 
"lets just find one more piece."

We went to the gorgeous Arboretum & Botanical Garden which is nearby.

It has long trails and lots of wild life.
 The peonies were just blooming.
Can you see the deer?

My sweet girl.

My sweet son.

Josh, Mark and Kristen.
They tolerated all my picture taking 
because it was Mother's Day & they love me.

Thank you Lord for blessing me above and beyond.

She flew home this morning so hmmm...

but I do plan to be in Florida next week
so don't feel too sorry for me.
(maybe a little)

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