The Birthday Girl

The signs of your creativity have been obvious 
since you were a little girl.
From your imaginary friends (as a little girl), 
to writing in your many journals (from early on),
to your love for old songs,
old movies,
& Audrey, 
you are drawn to drama.

You impress me how you remember every word 
to every movie and every song.

You have never followed the crowd.
You are your own woman.
I love that!

You load your belongings and move across the country 
to a new adventure
where you are blooming. 
I had no doubt.

Your faith is your own.
Your ideas are your own.

You amaze me.

I love watching the Lord's plans 
as they unfold in your life.

It's your birthday!
I hope you have a wonderful day.
I adore you!
I love you!

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