Starbuck Dork

What is it about Starbucks that gives me warm fuzzies?

Something about that green sign just speaks to me.

Here's the deal.
I always leave the store feeling like such a dork.
Getting the names right is impossible.
What I want and what I order is seldom the same.
I do have the sizes figured out,
sometimes I say Tall 
and I am not really wanting a small.
If I think about it, I can do it though.

Then there's the skinny vs skim milk.
Do they mean the same thing?

In January,
I received a few gift cards so decided to download 
the app for more convenience.
I couldn't figure it out. 
Fortunately, when I walked in the store,
I was the only one in line so I didn't feel bad 
by asking the lady for some cyber assistance.

When I walked out with my grande ice coffee, 
a splash of whole milk, & 2 Splendas,
the line was out the door.
I could feel the glares.

I'm in the drive thru,
6 cars back. I figure I got time to RELOAD my app.
It would not work. I'm frantically pulling up to the window.
No money, no app money.

I would have skipped it but you get free coffee 
when get to be GOLD.
The goal is GOLD baby!

The lady says,
I can add to your account.
Who knew!

It slows the drive thru line but I am ok with that.
She hands me the pen to sign.
I drop it on the ground.
I try to open my door but theres no room 
between the car and the wall.

Here's the problem with this younger tech smart generation.
They're just too fast for me.
I can't be rushed.
I get flustered and mess everything up.

I leave Starbucks and say to myself,
"I'm never going back."
It's too humiliating.
Then I see that green sign.
Thinking about it makes me almost smell 
that freshly ground coffee.
Yes, I am a dork and I'm learning to live with it.

Lesson for the day...
try to give that car in front of you a break.

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