Babies On Horses

I had to post these pictures that Danielle sent me.
Oh how I miss these kiddos!

These are from a horse show they participated in over the weekend.
Abi is riding SnowBall.
I'm not sure what she is looking at.
Quite possibly the dirt.
or her knee.

Dani is riding Tater.
They both seem to be posing.

Look at the intensity in Kacey's face.
Apparently, she was upset 
because her horse, Sunny messed up.
I love that Kacey is very competitive.

Elijah looks like he's having a good run on Sassy.

I'm so amazed how the kids are improving.
They impress this MiMi!

I haven't seen them since February!
It's killing me.

they are coming to see me this week
and I can't wait!

* disclaimer: I grabbed the pics off Facebook and I'm not familiar
 with the photographer but they do have their stamp on each shot. 

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