Peace & Protection

We made reservations to stop 
half-way to San Antonio.
When we heard the weather conditions,
we cancelled our reservations and decided to stop 
when the roads got bad.
It sounded like a good idea at the time.

Somewhere in Oklahoma,
while I was blissfully sleeping in the backseat of the Tacoma,
I was awaken by my normally calm husband.
"Whoa... whoa... we're gonna crash!"
I looked up and we were sideways to the left, 
then we slid 180 degrees to the right,
back to the left and then straight.
The sheet of ice allowed for no control.
Thank the Lord,
we didn't hit anything or anyone.

We called Marriott, nothing was available.
We called Hilton, nothing was available.
Yes, we called the other ones too but our points 
are with Marriott and Hilton.
All were booked full.

We trudged on because we didn't have a choice.
When I fell back asleep,
the roads seemed ok,
especially since Mark was going around 40 mph 
and there was little traffic.
It happened again.
If he hadn't yelled, I would have slept through it.
I woke up and as we were spinning,
a calmness came over me.
I closed my eyes and asked God to protect us.
He did!
Not a scratch.

I tried hotel after hotel.
We had to drive south of Texas to find a hotel.
By the time our heads hit the pillow of the roach motel,
which was perfectly fine with me,
it was 4 a.m.

Days later,
as I reflect to my response during the crisis,
I am thankful that it was natural to turn to Christ.
He is after all, in control.

It has been a concern in my life, 
at least the adult part of my life
as to how I will respond during the crisis' moments in life.
Will I cuss?
Get angry?
Freak out?

I want my natural reaction to be what I've preached 
for so many years.
I want to TRUST THE LORD in everything.

Mark said he saw at least 50 cars in ditches, turned over semi's, and crashes that night.

I know the Lord was there with us and placed His peace all over me.

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