Look Out World!

The minute she said she was thinking about moving,
I began making plans.
"Oh she can get a two-bedroom!"
"Maybe a house."
I knew nothing about San Antonio,
especially not downtown San Antonio.

I am game for anything,
especially when it comes to my girls dreams.

We did lots of research and filled a notepad with notes 
and scheduled appointments.

She packed the bare necessities 
and set our tires
west on I-10.
Look out world for this little teal Toyota Corolla is on a venture.

We looked at 8 or 10 places when we found THE studio apartment above a famous landmark.
It was perfect, although at first we weren't sure how we would fit her belongings.

After we blew the air mattress up and realized 
we had plenty of room,
we began planning and getting excited 
to make this place her new home.

I love the challenge of making the most out of every inch.

 The window offered the perfect nook for this table.

The island was a necessity to provide more counter space 
and some additional storage.
Notice the magnet on the edge to
accommodate potholders and a dishtowel.

 The sofa was her birthday present and provides the perfect spot to "flop" at the end of the day.

 Lots of storage to hide the extras in life.

 The door to the right walks into her surprisingly large bathroom and a walk-in closet.

  The painting on the top of the ladder is a paint-by-number that she completed 
before she moved from Florida. 
We love that it pictures someplace you may find in her neighborhood.

Cookbooks, cookie sheet, cutting board and other handy gadgets.

San Antonio is an amazing city.
Last week was Rodeo Week.
She sat at the cafe across the street from her apartment. 
She sipped coffee while herds of cattle were driven passed her.
I'm glad she can go from one world out her door
and safely back into her little cozy apartment.
(I'm a mother.)

I'm so proud of Kristen.
She says she has found her "home."
It just fits her.

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