Fun In Florida

We spent last week in Florida.
It took 3 full days for my body to thaw out.

Has this been the coldest winter ever?
I think so.

It was wonderful to spend time with our parents.
They spoiled us rotten!
We are so blessed.

They realize that good seafood is hard to come by in Kansas.
One evening,
Marks parents served us huge scrumptious crab legs. 
Is that one word or two?
I don't feel like looking it up. 
It seems like it's one word but my computer 
keeps changing it so I'm going to give in and leave it.
Back to the meal...
to die for!

My parents,
unaware of our crab-leg fortune,
prepared us a lobster dinner that would make you 
wanna slap someone.
It was in heaven!

I was able to spend some precious moments with D, D & my amazing grandkids.
We read books, rode horses, played ball, colored, sang songs and played games.

I can't remember the name of this game but the person wearing the card has to ask "yes, no or maybe" questions 
and try to guess the character the card reveals.
Entertaining doesn't begin to describe the laughter 
shared during this game!
It was so fun and the best laughs were provided by the youngest of participants.

Abi & I had fun playing at the park one morning 
while the big kids were in school.

The weather warmed up enough to give the horses a bath
before the big show this weekend.

I must share one more picture with you.
It's one of those memories that needs to be documented.
Abi asked her 5 year old sister to give her a haircut.
In a few weeks,
we will have bangs.

I hope you are having a great day!
We are hitting the road tonight
to head to San Antonio, TX.

It's my baby girls birthday
& I have presents!!

Gonna be a great weekend!

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