The City That Never Sleeps

I don't know if you know this about my husband or not
but he has a track record of finding out the "must-see's"
wherever we go in life.

He missed a flight one time because he thought he had enough time between flights to rent a car and drive over to see Niagara Falls and get back to make his connection.
The story ends well because he loved it so much that he made arrangements to take me later that year.

While on business this past month
he decided we needed to take the weekend 
and hop over to 
New York City.
Is there anything better than NY on Valentines Day?

The city that never sleeps did not disappoint.

We stayed a block from Time Square.
It was blistery cold and snowy.
We bundled up, held hands 
and walked through this amazing city.
So romantic!

We went to see Les Misérables. 

We had our rented car and he drove through the city like a pro.
I prayed and took pictures.

There was a skating rink near our hotel where the locals skated.
Do you recognize that tall red building in the background?

You got it!
The Empire State Building.
I was looking for a big heart
like in Sleepless In Seattle.
It was our view right out our hotel window.
We slept with the curtain opened so I could enjoy it.
Sometime in the night,
it was turned off.

We made precious memories
walking hand in hand.
I am blessed with the sweetest husband,
who makes my life 
a constant adventure.

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