Wedding Fun

I flew to Florida last week to watch Katie & Chase exchange wedding vows.

From the festivities of the week to the officiate who led the ceremony to the reception,
every detail was carried out with precision.

I was in awe at the "Grace Kelly" style that was carried out even through what the guests chose to wear.

Brenda, Paula and I were privileged to help our friend Kim, who was the MOG (mother of the groom) with the rehearsal dinner.

The combination of being with dear friends,
celebrating a beautiful couple and being able to decorate
made for the perfect weekend.

The venue was in a beautiful old church
in downtown Jacksonville.
This church really didn't require much decorating,
with it's high arched ceiling and plenty of gorgeous stain glass,
it was the perfect location. 

The theme... 
 a rustic, winter-wonderland.

 Kim purchased deer, pheasants, & other animals in which she sprayed silver.
Old oil lanterns were added to each table. 
Galvanized buckets on the tables with navy napkins for drumettes to tide everyone over until dinner began.

I do love a party and this one was 
most enjoyable.
I especially adore this sweet couple.

("borrowed" photo from fb)

Congratulations Katie & Chase!


  1. Every week, I checked to see if you've posted so I am happy that you're back now. I love weddings and those are great pictures. The cupcakes look delicious, too. From what I can see of the bride's gown, it's really beautiful. I wish I could see the bottom. Yeah, I'm one of those women that used to love a show called Four Weddings... :)

  2. Thanks Dee! Her dress was gorgeous. I wish I had taken my camera and gotten some pictures. You are so sweet! Have a happy day!