My Sweet Girls

Danielle sent me a few pictures.

Kacey is the sweetest snaggle-tooth girl.
She loves to read and write.
I could write a book all about her qualities.
She is a little mother to her siblings.
I adore this girl!

Dani Mae is my princess.
She is the one who knows how to make me feel loved.
She looks into my eyes and I can see it.
She sits on my lap for longer than a minute.
I adore this girl!

Then there's Abigail.
Oh my word,
I love this girl.
She is the baby but don't tell her that.
She does whatever the other kids are doing.
She is independent and can play with others or by herself.
She is happy and brings such joy.
I adore this girl!

As you can see...
I am beyond blessed.

1 comment:

  1. You are very blessed. Your daughters are so pretty. I miss when my girls were those ages. They're both grown now. Have a great weekend... :)