Brain Freeze

I am crediting my lack of blog writing to the weather.
It's 11 below outside with the windchill.
I don't walk to the mailbox.
(which is why my Christmas thank-you's 
are still sitting on the kitchen counter)

I am too wimpy to walk outside to take pictures.

These are from my front door.
I realize the whole country is feeling this winter weather so my rant is over.

My BFF, Theresa sent me the most thoughtful birthday present.

She even included the bird seed,
which is why the shipping was $20.

Here is my question for the day.
Why don't these tiny little creatures freeze to death!?

Apparently their "down-like" fur keeps them warm.
They have super high metabolisms and they don't sweat.
Now ya know!

I purchased a down comforter about 10 years ago.
It saved my life.
I spent much of my adult life freezing.
My husband is always hot and on top of the sheets
so I just lived with it.
There, there-now.

Speaking of comforters...
TK also sent me something else in my birthday package.

Can you find it?

Monogrammed pillowcases.

Thank you Theresa!
You do know what makes me happy.

one more bird photo.

Maybe, I should become a bird-watcher.
You never know.

Hope you are staying warm and having a great day.

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