My Opinions On Important Matters

Hello all my sweet friends.

I started an online Bible Study which I am enjoying. 

Jeanne Oliver has gathered together several women 
who are are artistic and love the Lord. 
They do videos of what God is doing in their lives 
and then also share a separate video of something artistic.

I have fallen in love with Jeanne and her heart for women.
She challenges that we aren't here to compete 
with each other but to encourage 
and learn from each other.

If you are looking for something different, 
this may be perfect for you.

In other news, did you watch the Golden Globes?
Some of those gowns costumes were a bit disturbing for this girl.

I will share a few that I did like.

I grabbed all my pics off Vanity Fair.

 Emma Stones doesn't count as a gown but she is cute in anything. 

 Lupita Nyongo is so beautiful.

 The is George Clooney new bride, Amal. 
She is beautiful and if I ever was invited to The Red Carpet, 
I would be wearing some long white gloves for sure.

Kerry Washington from Scandal is gorgeous.
I'm not a fan of her dress choice 
but I love her so she made it to my blog.
I think it's the color that I don't like.

Amy Adams, love her.

Reese never disappoints. 
Is there anyone in the whole world 
who doesn't adore her?

Enough about Hollywood...
Mark flew to Florida this morning.

His dad has been in the hospital since 
waaaaaaaaaaay before Christmas.
Please keep him in your prayers.

This "season" of life has been difficult.
My grandmother used to always say,
"this too shall pass."

While I'm being so random in this blog,
can someone tell me when
Pinterest started "pinning" things they think I may like?
I prefer the old way when I just see "pins" 
that people I choose are pinning.

Sorry if you don't do Pinterest. 
It does sound like another language.

Thanks for listening to my rambling.
Hope you are having a fabulous week and if not..


Don't forget to check out the Bible Study.
It is really good.

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