There are so many ways to be creative.
I think everyone has something they are talented with.
There are some of us who paint,
make jewelry,
take pictures,
cook and bake.
Some of us love to decorate our homes,
plan parties,
 & clean our homes.
I know people who thrive on serving others and being hospitable.
Some people make it their mission to coupon and be thrifty.

Here's the problem...
I love everything!
I can do a little of it all.
I think that's why Hobby Lobby loves me so much.
I bite every apple that is dangled in my face.
They see me coming.
I'm a sucka!

I want to take all the paint classes and the cake decorating classes.
I want to shop at Whole Foods and eat clean.
I want to bake and drink Diet Coke every day.
I want to be content 
and not spend and be able to give more money 
to the needy and missions.

Do you see my dilemma?
I want to write more blogs and spend my time wisely 
by not sitting at the computer all day long.

Oh the tangled web...

If I could just pick 1!
But you see,
I love trying everything.
It's who I am.
I am creative and I enjoy life.
I am not a perfectionist.
I never will be. 

I'm glad I got that off my shoulders.
Why do we put so much guilt on ourselves?

here's the bandwagon I am on right now.

My sister-in-law, 
Pat introduced me to stuffed peppers 
over the holidays.
They are the best thing I have ever had.
I just keep making them and eating them all by myself
 because M & J don't enjoy 
spicy food like I do.

I buy Anaheim peppers from my grocery store
I think Pat uses jalapeƱo's but the Anaheim are little more mild.

Wash the peppers,
slice them lengthwise, removing the seeds and membrane.

I mix equal parts of cream cheese with feta.
Cheddar would be good too or any cheese that melts nicely.
Stuff the peppers and roast at 400 degrees 
for about 30 minutes.
I like the peppers soft and a little charred 
but it's a personal preference.

I eat them along with a salad. 
They are amazingly delicious!

I feel like I should share the Balsamic Vinegar picture with you.
I buy it from Williams Sonoma. 
Yes, it is worth the extra money!

What makes you "spark?"
Do you jump on every bandwagon?
Let me know what you are doing because 
quite possibly may need to give it a whirl.

I truly do hope you are having a great week.
I gotta go finish my 
"paint-by-number" that I've been working on for months.

OK, it's may be awhile longer.

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