We Love To Fly & It Shows

Other than being far from family,
Albuquerque was perfect.

The weather is great.
No humidity.
No bugs.
The views are spectacular.
The food, oh how I miss the food!
You can play golf in the morning and snow ski in the afternoon.

My in-laws and sister-in-law flew out before we moved to Kansas.

I was excited to show them around
 and to spoil them  
while they were in our home.

We took them up to the top of the mountain.
There is a 20 minute tram that takes you up 
and the views are beautiful. 
We always time it so we are able to enjoy the sunset once we are at the top.

This is Josh, Mark & Dad

While we were at the top,
we had dessert in the restaurant up there.
Guess who was in the restaurant?
You'll never guess, go ahead, I'll wait…

Sam Donaldson

Actually, I wouldn't have noticed him 
but my SIL has a quick eye.

I pretended to take a picture of Delores and zoomed right in on the poor man trying to have a private dinner with some lady. 

When we weren't seeing the sites and shopping,
we lazed around our backyard patio.

I loved spending extra time with family.

I decided to fly home with them and the guy at the Delta counter smiled on us and placed all 4 of us in 1st class.

It was so great to see them in first class.
They offered dad breakfast and he turned it down 
until I told him it was free.
No peanuts for us baby!

It turned out to be a wonderful week 
that I will remember always.

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  1. This looks like so much fun!!! And how exciting to see a celebrity... I've never flown... never... don't plan to unless one of my kids move away and I have to.