This Doesn't Look Like Home Toto

In 2012 
I found out Mark & I had less than a month to load up
everything that I couldn't live without in a Penske truck
 and move across the country to Albuquerque, NM.
I tried not to focus on leaving our family.
I tried to find the adventure in our circumstance.
My goal was to
put my big girl panties on &
practice what I have preached 
for lots of years
by trusting God. 
I do trust Him but that doesn't always 
make everything easy, does it?

Imagine our shock
after less than a year in Albuquerque,
Mark gets offered a promotion that he couldn't refuse.
Once again,
we had about 6 weeks to pack everything
and move to Kansas.
Everything I know about Kansas I learned
from The Wizard Of Oz.
I flew out twice to find us a house to no avail.
Out of desperation,
I rented a house off of Zillow,
site unseen.

First thing we did after we unloaded the truck
was to go buy some rakes.
Never have I witnessed a move beautiful Fall.

Raised in Florida,
it was winter that I was looking forward to.

I love this winter wonderland.
It is like... magic.

That's where I am now

in Kansas

trusting God.


  1. Sounds exciting to me Wendy! Do you like your house? Do you have a basement? I've never really thought about snow in Kansas... so pretty! I'm ready for spring! Enough winter!

  2. Wow! Hope you and Mark are doing well. I bet you got 'reassigned' to Kansas for all those times you clicked your heels 3 times when you were a little girl, saying, "there's no place like home..." All the clicking heels finally "took".

    :-) God bless you both!

    1. I had to figure out who jumpin jack was. Yeah, it was all that clicking of my heels. Great to hear from you. Tell your precious wife hello. Hope y'all are doing great.