Would You Rather?

I was looking for a fun, weekly questionaire.
 I remembered an ice-breaker Mark used  
back in the day when he was a youth pastor. 
Hopefully, it won't be too deep 
because Lord knows, 
deep I'm not. 

The questions are to encourage thought.
There can be only one answer, 
you can't answer "both".

On that note,
let's give it a whirl.

Would You Rather…

1. be rich or famous?

Would You Rather…

2. have a great body or a great mind?

Would You Rather...
3. go back in time and meet your ancestors or go way into the future and meet your great grandchildren?

1.  I would rather be rich. 
Famous people do not impress me. I can't think of a famous person that I'd care to meet. Weird? maybe
I enjoy giving and would love to be able to do more of it.

2. Body or smarts, can't I have both? Actually, I'd take either. 
I guess I'll take the great mind. 
I'm at the stage of life where my prayer is to be able to keep what mind I still have. 

3. I love this question. If either were a possibility, they both could result in joy or disappointment.
I'm going to take the latter.
I can't imagine how smitten I would be by my great grandchildren. 

Hope your weekend is perfect!

If I had looked at her before, I may have answered differently. 

1 comment:

  1. I have the same answers as you. I'd rather be rich, both (I don't feel very smart and I'm always on a diet so.... yeah, both) and meet my grandchildren.