A couple weekends ago I headed north on I-75 with 
Dani & Abigail in the backseat.
What would have been a long boring drive 
turned out to be filled with laughing, singing 
and too many to count bathroom breaks. 
We sang and giggled for most of the 6 hour trip.

We were on our way to the State horseshow.
Kacey, Elijah and Danielle had accumulated enough points
to earn them a position in the State championship.

I had to stop by Hartsfield International Airport 
to pick up Mark along the way.
Imagine my surprise as we passed the 
Georgia National Fairgrounds
 2 hours before we got to Atlanta. Whew!
I don't know why I thought it was closer to Atlanta.
Oh well, the girls were good sports when they realized 
we had to drive 4 hours out of the way.
What a Happy Meal will buy!

This was Kacey's first year to qualify for State.
I am so proud of her.

Her competitiveness and determination is impressive. 

Sweet girl!

This was also Elijah's first year to State.

I am so proud of him.
He remembered all the teaching and practicing 
he has worked on all year.

I love to watch the kids progress each year.

My sweet boy.

We stayed nearby in a hotel and spent the days at the fairgrounds.
We rented golf carts and played the whole weekend.
There were dog shows and goat shows.
Several ponds to catch fish.

Danielle's parents are pro's at these events.
They had enough food for an army.
They had tents set up with a big ole TV 
because we had to have football.
It was the opening weekend for college ball.

Mark & I were in heaven hanging with these sweeties all weekend.

Mark & I headed home before Danielle's ride.
Thankfully, I got a video.

She amazes me!

It was a special weekend.
The kids are already excited about next year.

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