"Dear Jesus..."

Abi's prayer before her egg and grits breakfast.
"Dear Jesus,
thank you for everyone, 
please help my dinosaur bone to get better, 
thank you for the food. 

Little miss broke her collar bone a couple weeks ago.
Broke my heart to see her in pain.
She begged not to drive over any bumps.

She fell off the sofa one night.
She's been a trooper through the whole ordeal.

I am blessed to be taking care of her each day 
this year while Danielle and the siblings are in school. 

She loves to cuddle
which is perfect for me.
I have a lot of catch-up to do for the 3 years of her life 
that I was moving around the country. 

Expect lots of Abi-isms. 
She is smart and really funny.
Pure entertainment.

"Dear Jesus,
thank you for blessing me
with everything!"

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