Tampa Road Trip

On one of Mark's recent business trips to Tampa,
we decided to bring the girls with us.

I don't know who had more fun, the girls or this MiMi.

When we checked in,
they had a treasure box for kids to choose whatever they wanted.
What a great hotel!

The hotel was 8 stories and the inside was all open so you could see 

They enjoyed the freedom I gave them while I watched them roam around from floor to floor and especially the glass elevator.

We went shopping and I let them try on whatever clothes the wanted in TJMaxx for 2 hours.

Girls are so easy and fun. 

Abi HAD to have this Barbie.

Dani is such a great mother.
She got a new doll. 
She tended to her new baby every minute of the day.
The baby ate better than she did.

New goggles.

On our shopping day,
we also got hair cuts.
Talk about fun! 

I know it's a cliche 
but they are growing up way to quickly!!

What a gift I have been given!

In other news,

Enough already!!

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