Boating, Tubing, Boating...BAM!

Let me begin with the end of our Saturday scary, fun, excitement.

After a long day playing on the river,
our neighbor, who just recently bought a beautiful brand new fast boat, drove up to our dock and asked Mark & I if we wanted to go for a ride with him and his girlfriend.
Turns out there was a fireworks display to welcome summer at the Jacksonville Landing.

"We'd love to!" was my response.

Without a thought, we both jumped in the boat and off we went.

I am not a boater, definitely not a night boater.

We were flying. I looked at Mark to see if he had concern and he looked like he was enjoying it and so I didn't worry (too much).

We got to the Landing just in time to see the beautiful fireworks display. I loved seeing all the downtown life with live bands and people everywhere. I didn't have my phone with me so I didn't get any pictures but it was a fun time.
I found this photo online and it was taken right where we were.

Anyhow, we headed back to our home. It was so nice flying along. I had my arms out like Titanic, just taking in the breeze and the beautiful lights shining on the water, when all of a sudden, I noticed the water turned black. Bam! We hit a sandbar. It was not good. Honestly, I wasn't at all worried because it wasn't my fault and it wasn't my boat. 
My poor neighbor on the other hand was not happy.

He jumps out to see if he can move us. He then announces for us to get out and see if we can budge it, to which  I replied, 
Grant it, it was only 3" deep but there was no moon, the grass was 4 feet tall, and I could hear things. 
Turns out, this boat was not budging. 
The worst part was the bird size mosquitoes. 
They were eating us alive. 
Finally, 2 hours and $1300 later, he called and got us a tow. 
We learned a valuable lesson about all the sandbars in the river. 
I shall never boat at night again. 
He wasn't a rookie but got caught up with how amazing his new boat was and forgot what he knew and got off course. 

Thankfully, it was high tide because if it had been low tide, Mark says we would have been thrown from the boat. We walked in the door 3:30 a.m. being very thankful.

Earlier in the day, we played on Jeff and Margie's boat all day long. It was so fun.

Mark and I went tubing.
side note: (I told my doctor that this morning and he was impressed.)

Eli and Kacey did the knee board.
They are both getting good.

That's my Saturday in a nutshell.
Did you have play too?
Hope so!

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