My Sweet Girls

Danielle sent me a few pictures.

Kacey is the sweetest snaggle-tooth girl.
She loves to read and write.
I could write a book all about her qualities.
She is a little mother to her siblings.
I adore this girl!

Dani Mae is my princess.
She is the one who knows how to make me feel loved.
She looks into my eyes and I can see it.
She sits on my lap for longer than a minute.
I adore this girl!

Then there's Abigail.
Oh my word,
I love this girl.
She is the baby but don't tell her that.
She does whatever the other kids are doing.
She is independent and can play with others or by herself.
She is happy and brings such joy.
I adore this girl!

As you can see...
I am beyond blessed.


There are so many ways to be creative.
I think everyone has something they are talented with.
There are some of us who paint,
make jewelry,
take pictures,
cook and bake.
Some of us love to decorate our homes,
plan parties,
 & clean our homes.
I know people who thrive on serving others and being hospitable.
Some people make it their mission to coupon and be thrifty.

Here's the problem...
I love everything!
I can do a little of it all.
I think that's why Hobby Lobby loves me so much.
I bite every apple that is dangled in my face.
They see me coming.
I'm a sucka!

I want to take all the paint classes and the cake decorating classes.
I want to shop at Whole Foods and eat clean.
I want to bake and drink Diet Coke every day.
I want to be content 
and not spend and be able to give more money 
to the needy and missions.

Do you see my dilemma?
I want to write more blogs and spend my time wisely 
by not sitting at the computer all day long.

Oh the tangled web...

If I could just pick 1!
But you see,
I love trying everything.
It's who I am.
I am creative and I enjoy life.
I am not a perfectionist.
I never will be. 

I'm glad I got that off my shoulders.
Why do we put so much guilt on ourselves?

here's the bandwagon I am on right now.

My sister-in-law, 
Pat introduced me to stuffed peppers 
over the holidays.
They are the best thing I have ever had.
I just keep making them and eating them all by myself
 because M & J don't enjoy 
spicy food like I do.

I buy Anaheim peppers from my grocery store
I think Pat uses jalapeño's but the Anaheim are little more mild.

Wash the peppers,
slice them lengthwise, removing the seeds and membrane.

I mix equal parts of cream cheese with feta.
Cheddar would be good too or any cheese that melts nicely.
Stuff the peppers and roast at 400 degrees 
for about 30 minutes.
I like the peppers soft and a little charred 
but it's a personal preference.

I eat them along with a salad. 
They are amazingly delicious!

I feel like I should share the Balsamic Vinegar picture with you.
I buy it from Williams Sonoma. 
Yes, it is worth the extra money!

What makes you "spark?"
Do you jump on every bandwagon?
Let me know what you are doing because 
quite possibly may need to give it a whirl.

I truly do hope you are having a great week.
I gotta go finish my 
"paint-by-number" that I've been working on for months.

OK, it's may be awhile longer.


My grandkids are involved in Upwards.
Is there anything more fun than watching kids 
learning how to play sports?

I know I'm a MiMi, but this kiddo looks impressive. 
Did his shot did go in the basket?

 Look how happy he is.

Go Elijah!

Kacey and Dani get to be cheerleaders.


Rah, rah!

Keep up the good work kiddos!
I'm so proud of you.


I have this picture sitting on my dresser
clipped to my sweet grandmothers jewelry box.

51 years ago!
It still shocks me that I'm this old.
Where did the time go?

I love looking at this picture and my sweet parents.
Can you tell who their fave child was is?
I always knew it but here's the proof.
Don't worry,
my brothers don't read my blog.
If they do...
don't worry bubba,
I'm sure they love you too.

Have a great weekend!!


My Opinions On Important Matters

Hello all my sweet friends.

I started an online Bible Study which I am enjoying. 

Jeanne Oliver has gathered together several women 
who are are artistic and love the Lord. 
They do videos of what God is doing in their lives 
and then also share a separate video of something artistic.

I have fallen in love with Jeanne and her heart for women.
She challenges that we aren't here to compete 
with each other but to encourage 
and learn from each other.

If you are looking for something different, 
this may be perfect for you.

In other news, did you watch the Golden Globes?
Some of those gowns costumes were a bit disturbing for this girl.

I will share a few that I did like.

I grabbed all my pics off Vanity Fair.

 Emma Stones doesn't count as a gown but she is cute in anything. 

 Lupita Nyongo is so beautiful.

 The is George Clooney new bride, Amal. 
She is beautiful and if I ever was invited to The Red Carpet, 
I would be wearing some long white gloves for sure.

Kerry Washington from Scandal is gorgeous.
I'm not a fan of her dress choice 
but I love her so she made it to my blog.
I think it's the color that I don't like.

Amy Adams, love her.

Reese never disappoints. 
Is there anyone in the whole world 
who doesn't adore her?

Enough about Hollywood...
Mark flew to Florida this morning.

His dad has been in the hospital since 
waaaaaaaaaaay before Christmas.
Please keep him in your prayers.

This "season" of life has been difficult.
My grandmother used to always say,
"this too shall pass."

While I'm being so random in this blog,
can someone tell me when
Pinterest started "pinning" things they think I may like?
I prefer the old way when I just see "pins" 
that people I choose are pinning.

Sorry if you don't do Pinterest. 
It does sound like another language.

Thanks for listening to my rambling.
Hope you are having a fabulous week and if not..


Don't forget to check out the Bible Study.
It is really good.

Brain Freeze

I am crediting my lack of blog writing to the weather.
It's 11 below outside with the windchill.
I don't walk to the mailbox.
(which is why my Christmas thank-you's 
are still sitting on the kitchen counter)

I am too wimpy to walk outside to take pictures.

These are from my front door.
I realize the whole country is feeling this winter weather so my rant is over.

My BFF, Theresa sent me the most thoughtful birthday present.

She even included the bird seed,
which is why the shipping was $20.

Here is my question for the day.
Why don't these tiny little creatures freeze to death!?

Apparently their "down-like" fur keeps them warm.
They have super high metabolisms and they don't sweat.
Now ya know!

I purchased a down comforter about 10 years ago.
It saved my life.
I spent much of my adult life freezing.
My husband is always hot and on top of the sheets
so I just lived with it.
There, there-now.

Speaking of comforters...
TK also sent me something else in my birthday package.

Can you find it?

Monogrammed pillowcases.

Thank you Theresa!
You do know what makes me happy.

one more bird photo.

Maybe, I should become a bird-watcher.
You never know.

Hope you are staying warm and having a great day.

New Beginnings

I love January.

Maybe because it represents new beginnings.
Maybe because the house is clean and back to normal.
Maybe because it's my birthday month.
I enjoy starting a new plan for my daily devotions.
I enjoy the all the possibilities.
I write out new goals.

This new year represents hope.
I am looking forward to what God has in store 
for me and for my family.

Today we had our traditional New Years Day dinner.
I cooked fresh mustard greens, black-eyed peas 
and a honey ham.
I always thought everyone observed this practice 
but learned it's a southern observance.

I remember bringing a friend from Michigan 
home from college and mom was serving black-eyed peas.
She wouldn't touch them.
She said they fed them to their cows.
Whether or not they bring luck or grant prosperity,
they are yummy.
What do people from Michigan know?
Just kidding.

We have watched football all day.

I don't care who wins but these two are the cutest!

My concern when I watch college ball is...
1. are they hurt? &
2. their momma's hearts must be going crazy.

I've yacked your ears off.
I will hush.

Happy January to You!