The Anchor Holds

I don't know about you but I sure am glad the past week 
has come and gone.
I have always loved a good storm.
When I was young, my mom celebrated EVERYTHING.  Hurricanes were no exception.
Growing up in Miami, we had regular afternoon thunder showers.
It was a party. We would count one mississippi, two mississippi to see how many miles that lightning strike was from us. 
We would go ahead and turn the lights off 
so we could light the candles.
Today, the media encourages buying water, 
cases and cases of water.
Back in the day, mom would clean out the tub 
and we'd fill it just incase we needed good drinking water.
Today, we fill our tubs so we have flush water, 
which I might add is quite enjoyable.

Our new (to us) house on the river is at sea-level. It brings on a whole new world of issues that we are just learning how to deal with.
Docks floating away, neighbors docks landing in our yard, 
toilets that have no where to flush,
water in the house.
I must say, it is no less fun. 
It changes up the daily mundane world 
that we have grown accustomed to. 
It provides an opportunity to purge and clean and redecorate.

This is our dock just after Matthew.
Doesn't look too bad.

Get a little closer.

Could have been worse.
We are in the middle of replacing the old pilings with new and improved ones. They were about 1/2 way done before the storm.

Doing without teaches me to be more thankful for the simple luxuries that I am spoiled to enjoy.
1. Ice
2. cable
3. flushing toilets
and in that order.

The sailboat below weathered the storm pretty well.
Can you see the boat behind it?

She is sitting on dry land.

Not sure if you can tell,
the rope connected to her anchor is right where it was dropped.
Reminds me of the song The Anchor Holds.
It reminds me of no matter what life hands us,
The Anchor Holds. 
Jesus is my anchor and He is always right there.
No need to stress.
No need for worry.
Trust Him.

Easier said than done!
The night before the storm hit us,
the news announced to expect a 9 foot storm surge.
Well, if that would have actually occurred,
our house would have had about 5 feet of water in it.

Mark and I decided to run back to our house and grab a few things. 
As I walked through the house,
we had already stacked things high.
It was eerie to look at all our "stuff."
I tried not to be anxious.
I know I trust Him.
It was emotional.

Our neighbor, who stayed and weathered the storm,
sent us a video of our property. 
Water did enter our house. 
The back den is lower than the rest of the house.
It got about 3 inches in it.
We had emptied it.
We have terrazzo floors.

When we came home to access the damage,
we walked in and the floors were dry.

The tide came in and went out just the same.
I was so surprised.
God is good!

Life is getting back to normal.
no more Matthew's for a long time.

Of course,
there will be other traumas and crises.
Hopefully, my faith is a little stronger 
and I will trust Him a little better.

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