4-H Projects

The county fair is in town right now and 
the 4-H club the kids are involved in 
encouraged entering a project.

Each kid got to choose what they wanted to enter.
They handed in their projects this week.

Elijah chose photography.
He has a good eye for pictures.
So impressive!

Wendy's World

Kacey loves anything artsy. 
She loves to paint, color, draw, write and anything that is creative.
She chose to do a sewing project for her entry.
She sewed this adorable bag she plans to carry her 
Bible to church in.
She did it all by herself on a sewing machine.
Yeah Kacey!

Wendy's World

Wendy's World

Dani loves baking.
She decided to bake cookies for her entry.
The whole family benefited from her choice.

Wendy's World
Wendy's World

Wendy's World
Her favorite part is getting to lick the beater.
Can't blame her! 

Wendy's World

Had to add this shot of Elijah at the 
Georgia State Fair last week.
Looks like a natural.

Wendy's World

We haven't gotten the results from their entries.
It was rewarding for me to witness their excitement in creating something all by themselves.

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