Grandkids At Wedding

I have been wanting to share about the grandkids at the wedding that seems only weeks ago but guess what?!
It's already been 6 months.

Kristen & Felix's wedding was so wonderful.
All the family together makes for a happy mother.
We all flew out to Texas.
Can you imagine how excited the grandkids were?
They love flying.
They were thrilled to be in Aunt Kristen's wedding!
Add the fact that they were getting a new uncle.
They think Felix is a prince.
They even call him Prince Felix.

Joyful is how I describe the whole occasion.
I have a katrillion pictures.
I thought I'd share a few of my grandkids.

No one looks all too happy in the picture below but I had to document Abigail.
Her dad pointed at his eyes to remind her to look forward.

She cracked us up when she pointed at her eyes and told him to look forward also.
Really funny if you know how weddings 
are not my sons favorite thing. 

Elijah feels like his Pops.
Mark always said he wanted to find the inventor of the tie 
and hang him with it.

I'm not sure how the tie came about but they sure look handsome.

Hope you are having a wonderful week.
We are expected to have cooler here in Florida this weekend.

Love to ALL!

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