This Is The Week!

We are in the middle of selling our home and buying a new one.

Somewhere in the last 3 months,
we had the notion that it would be nice to live on the river.

We started checking out houses on Zillow.
We called a realtor and the rest is history.

We close on our new (to us, but a real fixer-upper) house this week.

Look at my dock!

All it's missing is the boat.
I see many hours fishing in the near future.
I am looking forward to many shrimp dinners.

The house also comes with this pool.
Somebody slap me!

I am so blessed.

The house is going to be perfect when I'm done with it.
It was built in the 50's and has paneling and a bomb shelter.
Isn't that funny?!
We aren't sure what to do with it.
Any suggestions?

My boxes are packed.
Just waiting to sign on the dotted line.

I will take pictures after I get the popcorn off the ceilings
and slap some paint on that paneling.

Hope you are having a great day!
If you live near me,
come see me!

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