I mentioned recently that we may be moving.
We have always dreamt of living closer to the water 
but the time was never right.
We have decided to make the jump.

We met with a realtor and she made her recommendations.
I then met with a stager who I just love.
I've never went that route before but I love having her insight.
She points out the paint that needs to be updated.
She makes a list a mile long and once it's completed,
we call her back and she comes and stages it.

That day is finally arrived.
Mark, Josh, Daniel and I have painted, caulked, packed, 
& pressure washed!

Staging our home is a new thing for me.
I like having a house that is completely ready.
The windows are cleaned.
The closets are thinned out.
Almost makes me wanna stay.
Almost but no.

I wish I had taken before & after pictures.
I am not a good blogger.

Alert! Alert!
We interrupt this message....
The day before we were to have it staged,
we received a call from a potential buyer.
If all goes as planned,
I will soon be homeless.

I'm trying not to be too concerned,
not having much success.

As with every detail in my life,
things always fall in place 
exactly how they should.

My head knows who is in control
but my nervous system apparently isn't listening.

I know I am to be trusting and content and not anxious.
Someone teach me how to stay calm 
during these changes in our lives.
Is it really possible?
Maybe its a DNA issue?
Male/female issue?
Mark seems pretty calm.

I told him to go pick something out 
and let me know what he decides.
I know that wouldn't work out but it is overwhelming.
We have spent 2 weeks searching.

I find much enjoyment
looking at all the beautiful properties in Jacksonville.
We have a beautiful river that weaves its way all through the city.
The river feeds right into the Atlantic.
The possibilities are endless.

Who cares what the house looks like 
when you have a backyard with these views?

The realtor send this home which was over the top.
As I researched it,
I found it came with a builder 
who would build it on your property.

As it turns out,
that may be the route we will take.

I will keep you posted.
I plan to sit back
and enjoy the ride.

I hope you are having a great day!

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