Ready For 2015

The year is almost history and good riddance to it!
It wasn't a bad year.
It wasn't a good year.
Although, December was suck-o!
To make a long month short to your ears...
My mom broke 2 bones in her back 
and is bed ridden for who knows how long.
Marks dad fell and broke his hip.
If I wasn't sure before, I am now...
the medical world will kill you. 
He is still in the hospital.
My brother got double pneumonia and was hospitalized.
My other brother totaled his vehicle
 when someone pulled out in front of him. 
He hurt his shoulder and ribs.

There is more but those are the main ones. 
It was crazy.

On a positive note,
I treasured every moment I could find with the family.

We got a hotel near the hospital.
We shopped.
We went on a train and saw beautiful lights 
through the Okeefenoke Swamp.
We played.
Made gingerbread houses.

Christmas through the eyes of children is such a joy.
Now that I am back in Kansas,
I wish I could have a do-over.

This picture was right after we got off the train ride 
through the swamp.
Yes, there were lots of alligators and snakes
 but all you could see was the pretty lights.
(thank goodness)

This picture is Kristen and myself.
We were very close to the "nutsoid" stage at this point.
Laughter is my "go-to" emotion.

Ya know, life is sometimes difficult.

I am thankful that I have an amazing family 
to walk through it with me.

I am thankful that I have the Lord 
and can cast my burdens on Him.
It's comforting to know that He cares for me.

Have I been begging for a working fireplace 
since we moved into this rental house? 
Did my landlord show up yesterday and install one?

Now I gotta figure out what to do with the mantel.
I always forget how I had it before the holidays.

Any suggestions?
The antlers have to go where they are 
because thats where the nail is.
Gotta work with what you have.
Maybe some greenery?

Happy New Year To You!

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