His Ways Are Not Our Ways

Here's the plan...
1. Fly to Florida.
2. Swing by and pick up Mom.
3. Head to the Town Center to shop, shop, shop.

Sounded like the perfect plan, right?

Here's the reality...
1. Fly to Florida.
2. Mom hurt her back and got admitted to hospital.
3. Marks dad fell and broke his hip.

Now you see why I haven't posted anything in forever!
Who wants to hear sad news?
Not me!

They are both on the upswing 
so I am going to switch gears 
and focus on the positive.

Mark & I got a hotel and are planning 
on a wonderful weekend 
with shopping and just having fun.

Josh & Kristen fly in tomorrow! Woohoo!

I did get to get my hair done. 
I took Abi with me. 
She got a trim. 
 She is watching Frozen 
because she wants Kayla 
to give her a "Anna" braids.

She wanted the color too. 
Maybe next time.

It's the weekend!
Hope yours is great!

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