He Prayed For Snow

I'm having one of those days.
I just can't seem to get my tail into gear.
So, the way I see it...
get on the computer.

My sweet SIL is coming tomorrow to hang with me.
I should probably go clean a bathroom
but I'm really too excited.

Either that or my bones are too cold.
It's freezing here. 
Highs in the 20's.

Do I sound random and frustrated? 
Well I am and ya know why?
I can't shop for Christmas.
I will be in Florida for Christmas.
I tried shopping online and having the presents shipped 
but I'm not good at online shopping.
I want to see it and touch it and not pay for shipping.

Maybe I need to go make a list.
That's a good idea.

Any hoo,
Daniel & Danielle took the family to North Carolina for Thanksgiving this year.

Other than a few plumbing issues with the cabin,
they had a wonderful time and made some great memories.

This is the kids first time to see snow.
When they woke up to find the ground covered,
Elijah said, "I asked God to make it snow."
It continued to snow all day.

I love when God answers the prayer of a 6 year old.

And then there's Abigail.

She makes me happy.

Have a great day!

"I think you are really beautiful 
and I feel really warm when I'm around you 
and my tongue swells up."
** Buddy the Elf **

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