It's A New Day

How are you?
I know it's been forever since I reassured my existence to my blog.
Sometimes I think I have nothing that anyone really wants to hear.

I have been busy traveling with Mark.
I have been a little consumed with FOX since the inauguration of President Trump.
I get a kick out of his tenacity.
He makes me laugh.
I love the First Lady, Melania Trump.

(google images)
I love his daughter, Ivanka too.
I stayed up late and watched the different balls. The dress Ivanka wore was my favorite.
Her hair was perfect. She couldn't have been more beautiful.

(google images)
I'm not a political person but it has been most enjoyable.
President Trump obviously loves our country
 and I like the moves and decisions he is making.

I refused to watch the Academy Awards last night. 
Its the first time in forever that I skipped it.
Mark and I played cards and I don't feel that I missed a thing. 
Yada Yada

Enough with politics!

Has this been the most fabulous winter ever!!?
We haven't used heat or air all winter.
How about that pollen?
Is it kickin anybody elses butt?
Nothing a bottle of NyQuil can't handle.
OK, maybe two bottles but I'm feeling better everyday. 

I'm flying to San Antonio this week to celebrate my baby girls 
BIG 30!
How can that be? 

Hope everything is wonderful in your world!
Peace out!

It's the NyQuil talking.

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