I Love Miami

Growing up in Miami was such a gift.
I didn't realize it until I grew up and moved away.

The weather is beautiful.
 It's common to have the ocean breeze 
even on the hottest days.

The water is beautiful.
I'm amazed at the ocean color comparison 
between north and south Florida.

Mark's job has taken us back to Miami 
several times in the last months.

On one of the last trips,
we were blessed to bring
our grandkids and Danielle with us.

One morning,
Eli and I got up to watch the sun rise.

We loved eating outside each evening.
The best part was when a familiar tune began to play.
These kids have music in their blood.
They were quick to jump up and dance along.

Here they are all water-logged and taking a break.

Coconut milk?
Yes please!

Better yet,
how about a daiquiri?

Our ventures to Miami have come to an end for now.
I hope the memories will last forever.
I know I will treasure them.

Birds In The Living Room

The living room has been my favorite project of our new home. 
It has 5 large windows and also a sliding glass door. 
I love all the light in this room.

It also looks out to the river which makes me love it more.

I recently found the perfect art for this room.
What are the odds that the The Painted Hive would offer a free download?
God just loves to bless me.

Aren't they great?!
I know.
They measure 24X36.

I had them printed at Office Max.
 The Painted Hive made it so easy
to download directly to Office Max.
They mailed my prints in a few days.

I got the rustic frames from Hobby Lobby.
Imagine my frustration to wait over the weekend 
for them to go 1/2 off.

We painted Kilz on the brown walls before we moved in.
I love the weathered 
way they turned out.
We may just leave them.

I am looking for baskets to go on the tv shelf ma-bob.

I think some like these 
I found on Pinterest would work.

I am in Tampa with Mark this week.
It just dawned on me that there is an Ikea down the road.
Time for a road trip.

I will let you know what I find.

Living On The River

My head is above water.
It was touch and go there for awhile.

Moving was so much easier when I was 20 years younger.

Let me just say...

I love, love living on the river.

Mornings are wonderful.

A variety of birds show up every morning.

My sweet cousin Tracy
had a conversation with this heron
on our deck.

The house had so much that needed to be done.
The beauty of it is that when it got overwhelming,
I could walk out the door and go see the river.

We have enjoyed plenty of fishing.
Elijah doesn't mind putting the shrimp on my hook.
Thank goodness!

 My favorite things is stopping at the end of each day 
to enjoy the sunset.

I have missed blogging and I'm thankful life is settling down 
so I can share with you 
all that I've been up to in the past few months.

Hope you are having a wonderful summer!!